Corridor LED Lighting for Harbour City

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Corridor LED Lighting for Harbour City


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LED Lighting Retrofit





TE Lighting


TE LED Troffer​

Building energy regulations govern all aspects of energy usage in Hong Kong, including lighting installations.  As stipulated in EMSD’s latest edition of Building Energy Code 2018, all of our clients are responsible to adhere to the regulations. 


At TE Lighting, we study each release of BEC and modify our products accordingly for compliance.  Electrical load or usage is the main factor in determining and improving energy usage.  Savings can be achieved by a combination of lowering wattage and using the latest LED chips with higher efficiency.

Corridor is a highly regulated area, with lower allowed wattage per area in each iteration of BEC release.  Our “High Efficiency” LED chips is now able to surpass 200 lumen / watt level, and plays a major role in meeting ever tightening targets. 

By using our TE LED Direct-Indirect Troffer, rated at 32W output, illuminance on the ground floor is simulated at more than 300lux while meeting a lighting power density of below 8W/m2.  Indirect design of the luminaire lowers glare to a minimum and careful integration of PC diffusors result in a soft light cutoff on the walls for Grade A commercial building.

TE LED Troffer comes with a 5-years comprehensive warranty on all parts including LED Driver and LED Light Engine.  1-10V dimming, anti-flickering, field adjustable current, quick connection, T5 DC LED Tubes, are all standard features at no extra cost.  3 Hours Emergency Battery version is optional.