Musco Lighting

A Proven System

Musco Lighting LED sports lighting—as well as our HID solutions—for new and retrofit projects incorporates lighting, structural, and electrical components, provides streamlined installation, trouble-free operation, and long-term reliability.

Outdoor Lighting

Light-Structure System™ – A Complete Outdoor Solution

Designed in 5 Easy Pieces as a complete system from foundation to pole top, Light-Structure System delivers superior light control, is energy efficient, simplifies installation, and ensures better reliability.

For facilities that have existing poles, specialty-use poles, or roof-mounted structures, our SportsCluster® System delivers the same pinpoint precision and energy reduction.

Indoor Lighting

SportsCluster® System - A Solution for Indoor Arenas

Virtually eliminating glare, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing special effects lighting, SportsCluster® System has transformed major indoor arenas across the globe.

Small Arenas and Gyms

Musco provides an energy-efficient solution for small arenas and gyms with multiple energy and light levels, providing flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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Musco Sports Total-Light-Control LED System

For nearly a decade, Musco has been testing the Light Emitting Diode (LED) light source and applying..