Musco Sports Lighting

A Proven System

Musco Lighting LED sports lighting is the global leading sports lighting manufacturer, provides its unique HID solutions for new and retrofit projects incorporates lighting, structural, and electrical components, provides streamlined installation, trouble-free operation, and long-term reliability.

Outdoor Lighting

Light-Structure System™ – A Complete Outdoor Solution

Designed in 5 Easy Pieces as a complete system from foundation to pole top, Light-Structure System delivers superior light control, is energy efficient, simplifies installation, and ensures better reliability.

For facilities that have existing poles, specialty-use poles, or roof-mounted structures, our SportsCluster® System delivers the same pinpoint precision and energy reduction.

Indoor Lighting

SportsCluster® System - A Solution for Indoor Arenas

Virtually eliminating glare, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing special effects lighting, SportsCluster® System has transformed major indoor arenas across the globe.

Small Arenas and Gyms

Musco provides an energy-efficient solution for small arenas and gyms with multiple energy and light levels, providing flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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