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TE Lighting Direct-Indirect LED Troffer

TE Lighting Direct-Indirect LED Troffer

  • Brand: TE
  • Product Code: TE Direct-Indirect LED Troffer
  • Availability: In Stock
    Developed to replace T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps with LED rendering over 40% energy saving and much reduced maintenance work.

    The TE LED Troffer is extremely pleasing in appearance and yet energy efficient. The lights from the LED light engine are reflected mostly downwards from the nano-reflector surface with the rest directly diffused through a perforated curved profile. The result is a stylish, glare-free luminaire.


    • Nano reflectors are used thus increasing efficacy;
    • Integral LED driver with Step-Dim feature
    • Stylish outlook;
    • Glare free;
    • LED light engine is replaceable;
    • Wide choice of color temperatures;
    • Custom made versions available;
    • Stove enamel paint for long lasting finish.


    • ​Input Voltage: AC 220V – 240V
    • Wattage: Up to 45W for 1200mm
    • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
    • Power Factor: 0.95

    Construction & Materials

    • Luminaire constructed with heavier gauge steel to resist bending during installation and service life of the troffer
    • Thick enamel paint to protect luminaire from paint chips and rusting

    LED Light Engine / Driver System​

    • 3 lighting surfaces with 2 indirect and 1 direct lighting on specially designed extruded aluminum profile to ensure even heat dissipation.
    • 2 LED Drivers driving indirect / direct portion individually.


      Input VoltageAC 220V – 240V
      Frequency50 / 60 Hz
      WattageUp to 45W for 1200mm
      Power Factor0.95


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