Our Job Reference

Downlights for APM Public Transportation Level


Type of Premises:

Car Park​


Job Nature:

LED Lighting Retrofit


LED Downlight




TE Downlight

As a request to improve the lighting level at APM.  TE Lighting delivered a custom made 48W LED Downlight to Kai Shing for APM public transportation level.  Due to the mounting height of 5 meters and above, and difficulties of routine maintenance from traffic, a very tough and robust light engine was chosen for the task.  The LED luminaire is powered by a single SMD 4000lm CREE LED module with enlarged heat sink and custom made reflector to suit the existing cutout.  3-Hours battery with DC battery inverter is included, to provide emergency lighting in case of power outages.  It is tested to the latest FSD specifications of PPA104/A. 


The LED luminaire replaced traditional CFL Tubes, with energy savings of around 10-20% but with much improved lighting level, simulated to be around 50-100% higher than deteriorated and malfunctioned lamps.