Langham Place 8/F LED Light Box

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Our Job Reference

Langham Place 8/F LED Light Box


Type of Premises:

Shopping Arcade

Job Nature:

LED Lighting Retrofit


0-10V Dimmable LED Panel
Approx. 25m
Depth of Lightbox: 150mm

Completion Date:

October 2016

Client would like to replace a reliable LED light source because of the short life time for existing LED. After investigation, We infer the main cause is the bad heat dissipation of LED. We have installed total 2000W Samsung 3 in 1 LED module with custom made aluminum base plate to replace the existing LED. In order to improve air ventilation of the lightbox, 3 ventilation fans each of 200 cfm has been installed at the bottom part of the lightbox drawing cool air into it. 6 pcs of vent holes with cosmetic covers has been installed at the top of the lightbox, allowing hot air to escape. We have provided a dimming system simultaneously. Therefore, the brightness of the lightbox can be adjusted when the advertising film is changed.