The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Tennis Court

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The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Tennis Court


Type of Premises:

Tennis Court

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LED Lighting Retrofit


Sport Lighting




LED Sports Lighting System

Professional LED Lighting System in Hong Kong

Tachibana Engineering is proud to present the newly installed LED Sports Lighting System by MUSCO (USA) for the 2017 Hong Kong Tennis champions Cup Tournament held at The Clearwater Bay Colf & Country Club.

32 numbers of 400W LED luminaires were set up, to provide more than 1000 lux of illumination, for 2-days of intense competition between professional tennis players from around the world.

The TLC-LED 400W luminaire was the suitable choice to achieve the required illuminance for TV broadcasting. While drawing only 400W of power with dimming during normal use to achieve greater than 70% of energy savings. Most importantly, keeping glasre at a low level for the players.