Harcourt House Office Renovation

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Harcourt House Office Renovation


Type of Premises:

Office Building

Job Nature:

LED Lighting Retrofit


LED Troffer


TE Lighting


TE Direct-indirect Troffer

Harcourt House Office Renovation

Our valued clients at Harcourt House have chosen our TE LED Direct Indirect Troffer for their office renovation work. ​ Coordination between both parties achieved a very well fitted finish between our TE LED troffer and the newly installed ceiling system, which is of upward insertion type. ​

With a newly designed ceiling system and the higher efficiency of our TE LED troffer, an energy saving of 30-40% over the previousT8 fluorescent type troffers is achieved. Lighting simulation and on-site measurement shown a higher uniformity, while maintaining a very high efficacy due to our Nano-Coating treated curved reflectors.

​The TE LED troffer is available with step dim feature allowing easy execution to comply with the latest BEC energy efficiency requirement. In addition, 0-10 volt dimming feature is also available for seamless dimming for areas such as meeting rooms or video conferencing facilities.

Emergency version providing 3 hours battery operation is also available since the TE LED troffer has obtained the PPA/104(A) certification from the Fire Service Department.

The TE LED Troffer carries a standard warranty of 5 years.